Thursday, April 24, 2008

Musings of the past week's events regarding animal aromatherapy.

I have just returned from beautiful British Columbia. Yes, it was a little cooler than usual for this time of year but the enthusiasm for aromatherapy and using essential oils for horses did not wane. There was a heavy snowfall the day of the first annual Canadian Association of Holistic Equine Therapists Symposium, but people came from far and wide to attend the lectures and trade show. Horse owners appreciated the aspect that all lectures were directed for the highest good of the animal. I was pleased to provide an introduction to animal aromatherapy. This was a new concept for many people, but the interest was keen.

Also, I spent a wonderful day at the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy teaching an introdution to aromatherapy for animals. The students were eager to learn about true essential oils and their application for horses. I am always amazed during the practical sessions when there is an opportunity to apply essential oils to two or three horses. They are so eager to heal and do love the essential oils. The horses relaxed completely after the essential oils were applied. Many of the common applications of essential oils found by the Equine Therapists are wound healing, muscle tension, calming and relaxing during times of stress, as well as several others too numerous to mention at this time.

One of my goals this week is to revamp the aromatherapy classes I provide through the Western Institute of Aromatherapy to make it easier for students and the lay person to learn the art of aromatherapy and the use of true essential oils. Stay posted.

Have an aromatic week.

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